Personal Data (Privacy) declaration

CIFM Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“CIFMHK”) will comply with the provisions stipulated in Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”), endeavour to preserve your personal data and take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is stored properly and not be illegally used, lost, disclosed or destroyed.

Purposes of preserving personal data:

1. Customer and other people (“Data Provider”), when setting up the account with CIFMHK or continue with his/her account maintained with CIFMHK, or when CIFMHK providing service to its customers or other persons, must supply the personal data to CIFMHK from time to time.
2. If Data Provider is unable to provide CIFMHK with personal data, this will lead to CIFMHK not being able to open an account with the Data Provider or not being able to continue providing service to customers.
3. During the normal course of business, CIFMHK will also collect personal data from the Data Provider.
4. The use of personal data of the Data Provider will depend on his/her nature of relationship with CIFMHK, which includes amongst others the following uses: i) Handling CIFMHK’s account application process; ii) Daily operation of service provision; iii) Promotion of relevant products or services; and/or iv) Disclosure of CFIMHK or any of its affiliated companies as compelled by the laws.
5. Information collected can be stored according to the time frame stipulated in the applicable laws or for the purpose of achieving the above usage objective.
6. CIFMHK will keep confidential the personal data held in respect of the Data Provider. However, CIFMHK may disclose or transfer the above personal data to the following parties both locally or overseas:
i) Affiliated companies of CIFMHK;
ii) Service providers of CIFMHK; and/or
iii) Intermediary/distributor of CIFMHK.
Protection of your personal data confidentiality is considered CIFMHK’s important task. Your personal data will be kept confidential and will not be transferred to any other party unless your prior consent is obtained or unless compelled by the applicable laws.

CIFMHK only allows its staff members to contact confidential information of its customers on a “need-to-know” basis, for the convenience of providing customers with products and service. CIFMHK will use actual, electronic or programmatic control procedures to protect customers’ information.

1. According to the above PDPO, any person has the right to:
i) Check if CIFMHK has actually held his/her personal data or review his/her own personal data;
ii) Request CIFMHK to correct any inaccuracy of his/her personal data kept by CIFMHK;
iii) Ascertain CIFMHK’s personal data policy and practice to obtain the type of personal data kept by CIFMHK; and/or iv) Refuse to accept any marketing material. If that person has informed CIFMHK that he/she refuse to receive any marketing material, CIFMHK will not use his/her personal data for marketing or promotion purpose.
2. According to the provisions in the above ordinance, CIFMHK has the right to charge a reasonable fee for handling any inspection of personal data or documents.
If you want to inspect or correct personal data or get policy and practice related information or the type of information kept by CIFMHK, please raise this request to the following person:

Personal Data Privacy Protection Officer
CIFM Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Unit 1702-03, 17/F, Tower 2, Lippo Centre
No.89 Queensway, Hong Kong

This notice will not restrict other rights conferred to Data Provider under the PDPO.

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