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    General Disclaimer

    Information contained in this website is produced and designed by CIFM Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“CIFMHK”) and is for information purpose only. This website is intended for Hong Kong residents within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Peoples’ Republic of China (“Hong Kong”) only but not residents in other jurisdictions. In relation to any other jurisdiction in which sale and distribution of financial products are unauthorized, this website does not constitute any distribution, sale and purchase inducement or inducing sale and purchase contracts in any of such jurisdiction. For residents residing in jurisdictions other than Hong Kong, they should seek professional advice to check if they need to get consent from any government or in any other area or to obtain any licence or registration or to go through any formal procedure when they decide to invest in CIFMHK’s financial products.

    CIFMHK reserves the right, in its absolute discretion issue or withdraw the right to use CIFMHK’s website. Although CIFMHK has taken all reasonable precautions and care to ensure the accuracy, completeness, security and confidentiality of the information posted in its website, however, it cannot guarantee the completeness, security and confidentiality of the information posted in its website. Hence, CIFMHK, its associated companies, directors, senior officers or employees are not responsible for any error and omission contained therein. CIFMHK is also not responsible for any consequences arising from any authorized or unauthorized use of this website. CIFMHK only provides information about its financial products and services. Although CIFMHK has taken measures to ensure the accuracy of the aforesaid information, it is not responsible for information contained in this website but provided by third party or any omission arising therefrom. The source of information in this website is believed to come from a reliable source but user of this website is still required to verify such information on their own.

    Investment guidance

    Information contained in this website does not constitute any investment advice or recommendation, nor should it be construed as constituting inducement, or offer or invitation to buy or sale or subscribe into any securities or any other investment related contracts. This also does not constitute a foundation for arranging any transaction in any securities or any other investments by CIFMHK or any of its associated companies. Unless otherwise stated therein, investors should be responsible for assessing on their own whether any investment, security, strategy or any other financial products or services are suitable for themselves by assessing their own investment objective or individual financial situation. If in any doubt, investors should seek other professional advice. Information posted in this website is only accurate as at the date when such information is posted. Such information can be changed at CIFMHK’s discretion at any time without further notice. Hence, such information cannot be relied on to make any investment decision. The units or shares of the funds displayed in this website can only be traded strictly in accordance with the “Explanatory Memorandum” and ‘Product Key Facts Statement” (“Offering Documents”) or marketing materials (if applicable) in Hong Kong. The funds displayed in this website are intended for Hong Kong residents within Hong Kong jurisdiction only but not residents in any other jurisdictions. Investing in emerging market or small to medium enterprises involve greater risk and expose to greater price sensitivity. Past performance (if any) is not indicative of future performance. Prices and returns of fund units or shares may rise as well as fall and investors may not get back the full amount of their investments. Exchange rate may lead the value of oversea investments moving up or down. Perspective investors should seek independent tax advice on their investments, holdings, disposal of such investments and fund distributions.

    Internet communication

    It cannot ensure the security of message sent via internet. CIFMHK is not responsible for any delay, loss, transfer, amendment or damage arising therefrom regarding any message received or sent via this internet by the request of investors. CIFMHK is not responsible for any direct, indirect special or consequential losses arising from the use of this website.

    Message transferred via internet may be delayed, interrupted or interfered with due to the traffic volume, publicity or other reasons appearing in this website.

    CIFMHK will not represent or guarantee that this website will operate to the requirement of investors nor that this website is not interfered with, information transfer is not delayed, not wrongly transmitted nor information being omitted or lost. CIFMHK cannot and will not guarantee that that information transmitted is virus free nor free from contamination. CIFMHK cannot and will not guarantee that the computer system of the investor will not be damaged as a result of the above mentioned factors. Hence, investors should protect their data and/or equipments and design back-up contingency plan and take appropriate and suitable actions e.g. scanning their computer systems for any possible virus or other destructive materials and should themselves be responsible for all these. CIFMHK will not guarantee and hence is not responsible for the accuracy, function, performance or product representation of any third party software being used in this website.

    Intellectual property rights

    The copyrights, trademarks, patents and any other intellectual property rights collectively (“IP Rights”) contained in this website all belong to CIFMHK, its licensee or related third party service providers. Users can for their own reading purposes only use and make copies of information contained in this website. Otherwise, such information contained in this website cannot be copied, distributed or transferred to any other person or added to any other database or information system. Copies made from the information in this website by the users, notices and disclaimers from this website must be kept by the users. The IP Rights described in this website is solely owned by CIFMHK and its content service providers and is restricted for CIFMHK’s authorized use only. The IP Rights owned by CIFMHK and its content service provider is used for showing sources of its related services. Information contained in this website should not be regarded as CIFMHK’s consent to any type of IP Rights being conferred to or used by any person.

    Users must not attempt to use, duplicate or register the IP Rights or information contained in this website.

    Link to other websites

    This website may contain links to other websites. Such linked websites are not under the control of CIFMHK. CIFMHK cannot check or read the information contained in these other linked websites. CIFMHK cannot guarantee nor represent the content contained in these other websites. CIFMHK only provide such links to other websites for the convenience of users only. But, such act does not represent any authorization, representation and guarantee. Users, when providing their personal data or confidential information, should make reference to the related websites’ personal data collection statement. Users, when using such websites, must be bound by such terms and conditions.


    Users agree to indemnify CIFMHK and its third party service providers for any claims, losses, legal liabilities or expenses (including but not limited to lawyer fees) arising from users’ usage of this website or breach of any terms and conditions contained in this website.

    Legal jurisdiction

    The terms and conditions contained in this website are regulated by Hong Kong jurisdiction.

    Users must oblige by all applicable laws, rules and regulations issued by any governmental authority or organizations. These terms and conditions have legally binding effect on CIFMHK, its assignees and successors. Users must not manipulate these terms and conditions. Unless waiver is given by CIFMHK, all waivers contained in this website are not effective. CIFMHK reserves all the rights not clearly shown and displayed in this website.


    Terms and conditions and content in this website are in both English and Chinese versions. If there is conflict between the English and Chinese version, the English version will prevail. If you read and understand and agree to oblige by the terms and conditions and content in this website, please press “accept” button, otherwise, please press “decline” button to leave this website.